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Pamper Mom with this beautiful Spa gift that contains personal luxury items.

Perfect also for any special occasion or as an appreciation gift.

Packaged in a sleek, white box, it’s sure to impress!

9.25 x 9.25 x4.5 in


Skin Food

  • Features organic virgin coconut oil, wildcrafted cacao butter, unrefined beeswax and organic vanilla bean
  • Is a nourishing, hydrating and protective whole food skin salve
  • Product may become liquid when exposed to warmer temperatures. To solidify, place in fridge for a few hours
  • 150g


Cosmetic Clay

  • An ancient healing secret that will make your face glow
  • Is a detoxifying facial clay mask, made from the purest Bentonite, Moroccan Red and French Green clays
  • May also help treat acne and reduce the appearance of scars
  • Is an excellent natural exfoliator, leaving skin feeling smooth and refreshed
  • 75g


Konjac Facial Sponge

  • Infused with rose flower extract
  • Cleanses your face and removes all impurities in a single step
  • No soap or cleanser needed!
  • Plant-based and biodegradable
  • Made from konjac root fibers
  • Perfectly smooth and exfoliates very gently!


Shampoo Bar

  • Lathers easily deeply cleanses your hair
  • Formulated with Ginko Bilboa, Panthenol, cacao seed butter and oat protein
  • Provides hydration, protection, freshness and suppleness to the hair
  • Leaves behind a sweet scent of grapefruit and eucalyptus
  • 55g


Lip Balm Berries

  • Creates a protective barrier against further cracking
  • Gives long-term hydration to your lips
  • Rich and nourishing, contains no water
  • Will leave a fruity berry scent and a wonderful glossy finish on your lips
  • 12g


Wooden Pumice Brush

  • Is the ideal accessory to keep your feet looking beautiful and soft
  • Pumice stone comes from molten volcanic rocks
  • This stone reduces the accumulation of dead skin on the feet
  • Polypropylene bristle brush is the perfect blend of softness and stiffness
  • Brush can also be used for dry brushing
  • The brush performs a lymphatic massage which stimulates the body’s blood circulation
  • Helps to invigorate the nervous system and improve muscle tone to prevent skin aging
  • Not waterproof, keep in a dry place