Our Process

Our Process - Philip Stark Coffee


Long-standing relationships with our farmers, mutual respect and a combined commitment, help us create the world’s best coffee. Our buyers visit the farmers’ plantations regularly, working with their growers as a team to ensure that our expectations are understood. Bean samples are assessed prior to delivery and must meet our high standards. By paying top dollar for superior beans, we’re also making a contribution to our farmers’ livelihoods, whom we care a great deal about.

Our Beans
We use 100% speciality grade Arabica beans, which are the most flavorful, with a sweeter, more delicate, smoother taste, rich flavor and excellent acidity.     

The perfect roast is only possible if it begins with the perfect green bean. The farmer’s art responsibility is to produce beans that meet our high expectations by perfectly farming his crops and harvests. The science element is our job, ensuring that the green beans are meticulously and perfectly roasted and ultimately transform into a high-quality brown coffee bean. We only sell medium roast coffees because they are the most balanced, most sweet and have no bitterness.   

Cupping or “rating and tasting” our coffee on its quality ensures that each origin’s characteristics of aroma, flavor, body and aftertaste are achieved. Our expert cuppers (tasters) rate the beans on their characteristics, looking for flavor, sweetness, acidity and even aftertaste. 

Orders are shipped within a maximum of 48 hours from roasting. This ensures that when your coffee arrives, it’s always 100% fresh. 

Using our state-of-the-art packaging process, freshness is guaranteed. Our coffee bags are gas-flushed using nitrogen to ensure that when the bag is opened, the product is fresh. Coffee beans release vast amounts of carbon dioxide when roasted and because the beans are vacuum-sealed in the bag, the CO 2 needs somewhere to go. One-way valves allow the carbon dioxide to escape, while preventing oxygen from entering the bag.