Why Stark Coffee?

In coffee, there is ART. From art comes the SCIENCE of roasting top-quality coffee beans that create our exceptional coffee. We are artisan coffee roasters, meaning art and science are married in order to achieve a world-class coffee.

We purchase only single-origin beans which allows our customers to experience all the magnificent tastes that depict the bean’s characteristics of where it was grown. Beans are fire-roasted daily, a method that adds more flavors due to the direct heat. Our roasting technique is a century-old secret. Expert artisans meticulously handcraft every bean, perfecting them for making exquisite barista-style coffee at home.


These days, a cup of coffee has become ridiculously expensive. Low quality, poorly brewed, mass-produced bitter beans, disguised with syrups, whipped creams and sugars, shouldn’t be the norm. We’re obsessed with giving the world alternatives.

  • We purchase only “top of the crop” beans from reputable farms, ensuring tastes depict our beans’ characteristics of where they were grown.
  • We offer single origin coffees only rather than blends, sourced from one single producer, crop or region in one country. Often roasters and retailers will mix low quality beans with high quality beans in order to drive profits. You don’t always know what you’re getting and we don’t like that. Most important is a bean’s traceability, knowing exactly what you’re getting and where the beans are from. 
  • Savings are passed on to you by roasting our beans in-house and selling direct to you which keeps operating costs low.
  • Our goal is to produce extraordinary-tasting quality coffee at best value pricing.
  • We want to make your moment from your very first sip and do things better than and differently to others. We’re dedicated to giving you beauty of taste and experience through our meticulous attention to detail in every single coffee bean that we roast.

We’re a socially-conscious company that helps and gives back to the communities that produce our coffee. Through charitable donations we assist our farmers and their families.